Jon Ramos

"Raya is the consummate professional. From the knowledge of the market, construction, initiative in tracking down information, to responsiveness and a wonderful personality to wrap it up. She goes above and beyond and I have come to trust her and rely on her expertise and judgement in the real estate transactions where she has ushered me through the marketing and sales sides of the transaction. "

Michael McCloskey

"Raya was the first agent to contact me. I interviewed several agents and she was clearly the best. She had great knowledge of the market and a keen understanding of the buying community. Raya provided me with all relevant information, is highly driven, was always available and communicative, and most importantly successful in exceeding my goals. She sold our home faster and at a higher price than comparable homes in the area. I have worked with many agents in the past and I could not recommend her more highly."

Linda Wallace

"We inherited a property in West San Jose. While it was in a very desirable area, the house itself was in pretty poor shape. We were quite concerned about the salability of the home and did not know the best course of action to get it on the market quickly. While there were many realtors who were eager to represent us, we chose Raya - not only because she gave us excellent advice and encouragement, but more importantly because it is clear that she genuinely cares about her clients. We could not have chosen a better agent, and we are so grateful that this incredible lady took us on! Raya's expertise and understanding of the local market was evident immediately - she knew exactly what needed to be done and connected us with miracle workers who helped us get the house ready to list in under 2 weeks. She maintained regular contact with us throughout the process, and whenever we were stressed out (which was often!), she always made us feel at ease and gave us the calming reassurances we needed to sit back and let her do her job. In the end, she sold our property in a week and even got us a better price than we had hoped for. We are so impressed with Raya - the results clearly show that we made the right choice going with her, and we give her our most enthusiastic recommendation. There are many agents out there, and deciding which one to choose can be pretty overwhelming - but if you value an honest, professional, knowledgeable and compassionate agent who has your best interests at heart, then it's easy to see that Raya Golpashin is a cut above the rest! "

Martha Mahuron

I used Raya to sell a private residential property in Cupertino, and found her to be extremely knowledgeable and capable in her capacity as realtor. She made the whole process painless, and communicated promptly and clearly on every issue. I believe that she always had my best interest in mind, and counseled wisely. I recommend her as a realtor. "

Jan & Chuck McGary

"We decided rather suddenly to put our town house on the market. Raya was referred to us and we are so glad. We discussed our plans with her and took her recommendations to get the sale on market as soon as possible. She lined up all of the procedures that we needed and followed up regularly as changes were made (usually by us). We couldn't have asked for a more conscientious and pro-active agent. The results were immediate with a prompt sale at considerably more than the asking price."


"I assisted with the sale of my mother's home as my mother became disabled and we needed to relocate her quickly. With Raya recently selling a property around the corner from Mom's house and was highly recommended by that seller, we decided to use Raya as our agent. She was extremely knowledgeable in our area which was a plus. I am out of town, so she assisted my Mom in many ways. Mom had never sold a house before so Raya with her experience made sure my Mom understood everything before she signed anything. She also helped with putting items for sale on craigslist and monitored, she had a person for each "little" thing that needed to be done to the house prior to escrow, conversed with me daily from long distance and made things happen! From time of signing the listing agreement through the close of escrow was less than (45) days. I would highly recommend Raya if I had to do it all over again."

Manish Agarwal

Raya has been a godsend for us - in 2012 she helped us get a nice lot in the West San Jose neighborhood to build our new dream home - I can say with no reservations that if it was not for her, we would not have gotten that property. In 2016, she sold 5 rental/investment properties that we had - all were sold quickly, over asking price and closed smoothly.
I would whole heartedly recommend Raya for any real estate needs that you might have.

Mike Reinath

"Raya did a great job of selling my home of 30 years. She was able to get a very good price for me and helped me with all the issues that came up along the way. I would use her again if I had another home to sell in the area."

Jerry McNamara

"Raya is very knowledgeable in our market. Her suggestions for preparation and staging were very useful and helped us get a good price for our property. She has very good follow up practices is is very organized.

A very professional broker."

Himanshu Vaishnav

"I had a chance meeting with Raya during a casual real estate evaluation and purchase. Subsequently, while looking for a reliable and friendly seller’s agent with the expertise in the local market, a friend of mine coincidentally recommended her to me as a seller’s agent. We signed up with Raya and from the very outset, she was full of energy and went out of her way to work with us on minor and major issues involved in and evolved as the listing, staging and selling processes unfolded. She handled all the issues with a smile and pleasantries. What impressed me and for which I would hire her again as my realtor was that she left no issues unresolved and always got back with us with the resolution and a reply. Her recommendations were right on the money, her comps were well thought out and her pricing of our home was the bulls-eye! We sold our home on the first day at a price I never thought possible. She just knows her business inside out!"

Roy and Millie Hollar

"My husband and I feel fortunate to have chosen Raya Golpashin as our listing agent when we made the decision to sell our home. Raya was very easy to communicate with. She has a great personality and never made us feel pressured to make any kind of snap decisions. When we first met Raya, it was obvious she does her “homework” and really knows the market she covers. Raya presented us with comprehensive reports of homes on the market in our area as well as homes that recently sold. This was an important part of the selling process and Raya really helped us nail down the correct listing price of our home. It was a price we were happy with and after reviewing Raya’s market research reports, it was a fair price for our local market which we felt would lead to a reasonably quick sale. While working with Raya, it was clear she had a good and solid plan to reach interested buyers that were qualified to buy our home. Raya printed beautiful sales brochures of our home and did a very professional Website listing of our house as well. Throughout the sales process, Raya was easy to reach and always offered excellent support and advice. To get our house ready for sale, she provided a list of contractors that did necessary pre-sale home inspections. Raya also gave us advice on how to stage our house ourselves. Her advice saved us a bundle of money since we did not have to hire a professional stager. While our house was on the market, Raya did a perfect job of providing us with regular feedback and updates about potential buyers. Raya sold our house in a timeframe we were very happy with and she made our home sale and closing go through seamlessly without a single hitch. As far as I am concerned, you will not find a better real estate listing agent than Raya Golpashin."

Mary Page

"Raya is a tiny dynamo who knows how to make things work. She goes after houses for buyers and goes after buyers for sellers. She does her own open houses, and has great contacts for hauling and repairing. Phone calls are always answered in a timely manner and when she says she will find out about something, you can be sure she will. I only wish my agent in Aptos (where I bought a townhouse) was half as good. I wholeheartedly recommend Raya"

Keith and Marguerite Hennema

"Raya was great she took care of everything needed to make our house ready for sale. She got our approval for every expenditure and kept us updated with everything going on. She is a real treasure and got us the price we were hoping for.
You would be wise to go with her!"

Clare Lovett

"My testimonial is simple. As the Office Manager in Saratoga I have had the pleasure of working with several hundred real estate agents over the past few years. Raya quickly became one of my favorite agents. She is easy to work with, gracious, and accommodates change with professionalism and patience!

Furthermore, I welcome Raya's professional opinion in all aspects of real estate because I respect her, her clients’ respect her, and her business continues to grow exponentially as each year passes.

If you are looking for a diligent real estate agent with strong ethics, my recommendation would be Raya. You will enjoy working with her just as we have!